Quality Assurance – Safety Creates Trust

When it comes to quality, we go the extra mile. Our safety standards and hygiene controls go beyond the compliance with national and European regulations. Microbiological tests, the strictest incoming and outgoing goods inspections and comprehensive quality controls guarantee fresh products for the highest quality demands.

IFS Certificate

We are regularly audited by the International Featured Standard - Food (IFS), a seal of quality recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). These independent controls confirm an optimal food safety and the outstanding quality of our company.

HACCP Concept

Hygiene and food safety are our top priorities. Therefore, we apply the HACCP concept (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points) in order to guarantee harmless products of the highest quality.
The task of the HACCP concept is to consider dangers associated with the processing of our products and to assess the risks in order to be able to avoid them.

Internal Quality Management

In addition to the HACCP concept and IFS certification, an important component of our quality assurance is our proven internal quality management system, which has been in place for many years. Our internal quality management system identifies and eliminates potential risks at the earliest possible stage. This also includes regular on- site inspections and microbiological checks. Because only comprehensive security and quality make longterm and trusting partnerships possible. Partnerships that have distinguished Carl von Michalkowski for over 85 years.


Our understanding of quality also includes the responsible use of natural resources.
Therefore, we avoid waste wherever possible and obtain the energy for our plant in Rastede predominantly from our solar cells.

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