Sheep Casings – Naturally High Standards

Loved by Consumers

For many centuries, mankind has relied on natural casings for the production of sausage. Sheep casings, which are tasteless and permeable to air, perfectly promote the sausage aging process. This results in high-quality specialties that are loved all over the world.

You Want It – We Make It Happen

Regardless of your needs – we will meet them all. We offer every popular caliber from 14/16 up to 28/30 in every grade – A, B, and C as well as AB and BC – and always in stock. It goes without saying that this also applies to every intermediate caliber, such as 19/21, 21/23, etc. And we are also flexible when it comes to casing variety: salted, ready-to-fill, tubed on a small tube or tubed in strips – if you want it, we make it happen.

Well Packaged Means Better Protected

A hank in a bag? In a can? In E2 crates? Or would you prefer barrels? Regardless of the packaging method you require for your products, we offer it. This means we deliver all our natural casings to your place of business in exactly the units you desire.

Hog Casings – Uncompromising Quality

Quality is What Counts

When it comes to a natural product like hog casings, top quality is the most important factor. This is why we only rely on suppliers – specifically from Europe and China – who have reliably met our requirements for many years and consistently meet our high standards.

All Calibers in Stock

As with all our other products, the same thing applies to hog casings: we always have every popular caliber from 24/26 up to 42/+ as well as intermediate calibers like 29/31, 32/33 etc. in stock – in every grade. Furthermore, we also offer special varieties such as low-vein, extra light, and AA+. Whether salted, ready-to-fill, or tubed – you decide.

Packaged According to Your Needs

It goes without saying that we also offer all popular packaging varieties for our hog casings. From bags to cans to buckets to larger packaging variations such as E2 crates, pails, or barrels. Because ultimately, we want to support your business in the best-possible way in this area as well.

Cellulose Casings – Reliable Quality

The Industry’s First Choice

When it comes to customers who produce goods at an industrial scale, cellulose casings play a key role. Manufactured from 100% cellulose, they serve as practical packaging for boiled sausages such as Wieners or Frankfurters. As the largest German representative of the global market leader Viscofan, we are also your reliable partner for cellulose casings.

Supply Shortages? No Chance!

Regardless of whether an order is for standard products or custom special requests, we deliver fast with reliability. Our close collaboration with Viscofan guarantees access to a global network of production facilities. Thanks to this secure supply of raw materials and reliable delivery, you never have to worry about supply shortages – which is a reliable safeguard for your production efficiency.

As Individual as Your Needs

As the interface between Viscofan and our customers, we operate around the clock to fulfill your needs down to the tiniest detail. Regardless of which properties you prefer for your cellulose casings, the casings will always be produced and packaged based on your requirements. Because our main goal is to ensure that not only you, but also your customers, are satisfied.

Fibrous Casings - The All-Rounder for Your Production

The First Choice for Industry and Commerce

Thanks to their outstanding properties, the fibrous casings that we offer as the principal representative of Viscofan in Germany are the ideal casings for all cooked, raw, and smoked sausage varieties. Produced on the basis of cellulose, these casings fulfill every need that must be met when producing top-quality sausage specialties.

Many Reasons for Satisfied Customers

The breathable casings stand out thanks to excellent aging properties. Ideal cooking adhesion, perfect shrink rates, uniform smoke absorption, precise caliber sizes, as well as unparalleled peeling and cutting properties are further advantages of Viscofan fibrous casings.

Powerful Presentation, Wide Ranging Selection

Available in transparent or coloured, in all popular calibers, as rolls, shirred, and cut or clipped in sections – Viscofan fibrous casings are available in many different variations.

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