Our suppliers: The origin of outstanding quality

Sourcing – Because Outstanding Quality is the Best Ingredient

Refined over 85 Years

We are proud to look back on our company’s successful history, which spans a period of over 85 years – years during which we never rested on our laurels, but continuously expanded our knowledge to meet our customers’ needs. In this context, one key to success is purchasing. We are committed to sourcing only the best raw materials from select suppliers across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

A Focus on the Zeitgeist

Carl von Michalkowski’s corporate philosophy is in step with the zeitgeist – because modern consumers have drastically changed their eating habits. Today there is increasing demand for products of guaranteed high quality made using natural raw materials. In this context, a focus is placed on the highest levels of transparency with regard to the products’ origin and production.

Success Starts with Trust

And this can only be achieved through sourcing with a powerful, global network of tried and tested partners. This is why we spent a great deal of time and energy focused on the selection of producers and suppliers. A partnership can only be formed based on absolute trust – a trust that we pass on to our customers in the form of utmost reliability and flexibility.

Sales – We Leave Nothing to Chance

Top Quality at a Fair Price

Production comes before sales. And in every step of production, we are conscious of our customers’ high standards. In addition, we are just as conscious of the responsibility that comes with processing a product like natural casing – because our standards obligate us to only offer top-quality products at a fair price. Without any compromises.

Professional, Flexible, Punctual

Professional employees, constant quality and hygiene controls, and production facilities in the Oldenburg area equipped with state-of-the-art technology guarantee the highest of standards. This means we are always able to rapidly react to every customer need with flexibility.

85 Years of Experience

As a customer of Carl von Michalkowski, you benefit from over 85 years of experience. And from our love of the product. From the receiving inspection to processing and the final inspection to delivery with our company’s own fleet of vehicles – we leave nothing to chance. Furthermore, we personally advise our customers as equals, leaving no question unanswered. We do all of this with goal of best meeting your individual needs.

History – Ahead of the Times Since 1930



The company is founded by Carl von Michalkowski. It trades in grain, fats, and natural casings. Its office in the historic harbour district – in the direct vicinity of the free harbour and the companies there specialized in the storage and shipping of natural casings – is the perfect location for the company.


Martin Wessling begins working for the company. Before that, he worked in sales in the city of Bremen. At the same time, the company focuses its activities on its business with natural casings. Its products are sold exclusively to importers.


Martin Wessling becomes general partner at Carl von Michalkowski.


After Carl von Michalkowski’s death, Martin Wessling takes over the firm as sole owner.


After completing his vocational training as a mechanical engineer, Reinhard Wessling begins working for the company.


Due to changes in the industry and competition becoming increasingly stiff, the company begins to sell its products on its own and supplies its goods directly to producers.


Martin Wessling becomes president of the Zentralverband Naturdarm e.V. (German Natural Casing Association).


Carl von Michalkowski moves out of Hamburg’s free harbour into its own production facility in Wiefelstede. Here the Wessling brothers now train their staff and establish a modern casing processing company.


Mark Wessling, son of Reinhard Wessling, begins working for the company. The company plans for him to support the sales team and assume responsibility for production.


After nearly 20 years as president of the Zentralverband Naturdarm e.V., Martin Wessling resigns and is named honorary member of the executive board.


Gregor Wessling, son of Martin Wessling, begins working for the company.


Gregor Wessling takes over management of the company and acts as general manager. At the same time, Reinhard Wessling leaves the company.


After nearly two years of construction, the new production facility in Rastede opens.
Paulo Teixeira begins working at Carl von Michalkowski as general manager.


Martin Wessling goes into retirement


Introduction of a new electronic quality control system


Carl von Michalkowski and Darmhandelsgesellschaft Richard Büter join forces. From 01.06.19, all operational activities will continue under the name of Carl von Michalkowski. Niko Anastasyadis jr. joins the team as managing director.


And we will continue to shape the future in the coming years as well.


Our Team – The Foundation of Our Success

Hard-Working and Focused

Success is only possible with the best producers and suppliers. The same is true for our own employees, who work hard and with focus, giving their best each and every day. Our team is knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated.

85 Years of Employee History

A total of 85 years of company history also means 85 years of employee history – because we have only been able to satisfy our customers over this long period of time thanks to our highly motivated team of employees who have been loyal to our company for many years. Team spirit, an exceptionally harmonious team, and last but not least, a love of our products are the keys to success in this regard.

Into the Future with Joy

Our core team has remained unchanged for many years, which is something we are very proud of here at Carl von Michalkowski. This is a great feeling that also spurs us on and makes us highly motivated as we look toward future challenges.

Simona Rehbein
Production Manager
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Paulo Teixeira
Managing Director
+49 (0) 40 378 374
Sigrid Ahlers
Assistant Production Manager
+49 (0) 4402 60 555
Stefanie Spiering
Order Processing
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Gregor Wessling
Managing Director
+49 (0) 40 378 374
Yves Flachsmann
+49 (0) 40 378 374
Sonja Kagel
Order Processing
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Christoph Lorenz
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Juliana Teixeira
Order Processing
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Stefanie Burgdorf
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